It’s hard to converse when your party’s official policy is censorship
 As a prelude to all these preludes, from 2014 straight through to the present day, recently I was approached separately by two local Democratic Party stalwarts, both expressing the same basic sentiment: C’mon, Rog, shouldn’t we all be in the same tent, rowing together, and defending the Alamo against the GOP? I’m certainly willing to talk things over. But as a show of sincerity on their part, maybe it’s time to relax almost eight years of social media censorship, because doesn’t social media censorship send me an unmistakable signal that they don’t want to hear anything I might conceivably have to say? Let’s set a course for February 16, 2017. — ON THE AVENUES: In 2014 as in 2015, then 2016, now 2017…yes, it’s the “Adamite Chronicles: Have muzzle, will drivel.” A weekly column by Roger A. Baylor. Column reruns are inevitable, although I try to keep them to a minimum. It comes down to time – time enough to write, and writing well enough to be coherent. If I can’t clear the bar, there’s always next time.  So it must be this week, and now here’s the prelude to this week’s encore, because until something changes, it’s a point worth repeating yearly if necessary. With considerable...Read more