Mai’s Thai’s 21st anniversary party in Jeffersonville is Sat., Aug. 6
Mai’s Thai 20th anniversary party in August, 2020. Mai’s Thai is old enough to legally drink a festive Singha, and not only will there be a party on August 6, but it’s also the inimitable founder’s 70th birthday celebration and Customer Appreciation Day (noon – 3:00 p.m.) Owner and namesake Mai Kungkran Meyers is a beloved Southern Indiana legend, and I speak for many in expressing appreciation that she chose to bring her culinary skills to the Right Bank of the Ohio at a time when global flavor options were few in number. Last year F&D’s editor-in-chief Marty Rosen placed Mai’s Thai in an affectionate context. Letter from the Editor: Mai’s Thai is 20 years old, and there’ll be a party I’ve written about Mai’s many times over the years — as have, I think, all of the food writers in the Louisville area. When Mai opened in Jeffersonville, our F&D colleague Susan Reigler reviewed the restaurant...Read more