Mike Wajda joins Weyland Ventures, and Toogie’s Table is coming to Bardstown
Every now and then something noteworthy jumps out from Facebook during an otherwise aimless scroll, as when Mike Wajda (VYE-da) revealed his new gig. Most recently Wajda, who Louisville diners will recall from his 2015-2019 tenure at Proof on Main at 21C Hotel, was executive chef at Everyday Kitchen in NuLu. I had the opportunity to join some amazing talent recently with Weyland Ventures and every day since they have surpassed the previous day’s work with innovation, collaboration and humility. The fast paced growth on the horizon is overwhelmingly exciting and I can’t wait to share more projects with you all. First up will be our farm to table motor inn with a contemporary approach to the historical roots. We are forming Common Bond Hotels Collection as a legacy project for the group. Stay tuned for more historical high energy projects to come from this amazing team. Toogie’s Table is coming soon! Toogie’s...Read more