(This article originally appeared at the former NA Confidential blog on January 16, 2017. The clauses have been rearranged.) I believe that drinking milk is an aesthetic and culinary outrage on a par with Coors Light and McDonald’s. Moreover, drinking milk is a conspiracy foisted on us by the multinational diary lobby. Apart from all that, I dislike milk intensely, though you can make it into something else and I’m all in. I adore cheese, cream-based sauces, dairy-laden desserts and Milk Stout; obviously, I can tolerate lactose, but drink it from a glass? That’s just wrong. Yuck. Milk is little more than liquid snot, and to drink it by the glass has struck me as revolting for more than thirty years. It’s just a bonus to be “un-American” by rejecting milk in liquid form, although I’ve returned to eating cereal with soy or almond milk as a moistening agent. Last night I had a dream in which I was drinking milk and commenting about how perfectly it paired with a dish. ......Read more