Joe Heron at Copper & Kings. Andrew Hyslop photo

Of course there are plenty of restaurants opening in town, again, and Steve and Rick take a look at  few more. We start with the new Louvino in Middletown, the 502 Bar & Bistro in Norton Commons, and then we run through a few more that illustrate the diversity of the ‘Ville’s dining scene, both geographically and by cuisine. For some, the big news in restaurants this week was the publication of health inspection grades, so we talk about how important they are and how the inspections are done.

Steve is still licking his lips after having a grilled Berkshire pork chop at the 502, and he talks about fitting in at the Nachbar, where he sipped an Obsidian Stout Beer, and you should listen closely for an explanation of what “nitro” is as it relates to beer. Rick was looking forward to a Chef’s Table event at the Brown Hotel Thursday night with Chef Josh Bettis.

Chef Josh Bettis
Chef Josh Bettis

Bettis has been in charge for the Brown’s food operations for three years now, and tells Rick in his interview about his excitement over a few new members of his team. Steve interviews Joe Heron, an entrepreneur extraordinaire who has done pharmaceutical sales in South Africa, Europe and the U.S. Of course, that’s not all, as Joe and his wife Lesley created and sold Nutrisoda, then created and sold Crispin Hard Cider, all before creating the fabulous Copper & Kings brandy distillery in Butchertown. As you may recall, we sampled the meat pies there for last week’s show.

There’s plenty more eatin’ and drinkin’ to talk about, so join us for a fun-filled episode of EatDrinkTalk, and check out the web site.