My “40 Years in Beer” series has paused for a few weeks. Honestly, I’ve had little time to write lately; this will change once cooler weather arrives, and I anticipate concluding Volume 1 (of two) by the end of October. This will bring me to 1992, and the launch of Rich O’s Public House (and later NABC) in earnest, the story of which will comprise Volume 2, eventually leading to the present day. Among other reasons, 1992 is a personal dividing line from a practical standpoint of possessing dozens of boxes of Public House and NABC archives in the basement. Let’s just say these are haphazardly organized, and must be straightened before plunging into the narrative. It’s going to happen, but it will take time. It’s not as if I sketched any of the story up to this point. However, the 1990s are going to require more forethought than I’ve allotted thus far. Volume 1 probably will clock ......Read more