My Beers in the GDR, Part Two: Sharing a few Pilsners with a future war criminal
Berlin Wall commentary (western side). Previously: My Beers in the GDR, Part One: A working lunch in East Berlin, August 1989. East Berlin world clock at Alexanderplatz, showing places that East German citizens were allowed to go only with great difficulty. East Berlin: August, 1989. Each Friday afternoon for three weeks my temporary employment with the East Berlin Parks Department was rewarded with a crisp 100 Ost Mark note bearing a dour visage of Karl Marx, apparently standard laborer’s wages, as processed by a harried clerk at the pay window who always made damn sure I signed for it. For whatever reason, the GDR decided to pay “volunteers” like me. Consequently I’ve always included this work experience on job applications back home. It’s a real eyebrow lifter. The 1989 trip kicked off in late May when I flew into West Berlin. Three days later came a first glimpse of East Germany ...Read more