<div>New Virtue Bar & Lounge on Brownsboro Offers Sneaky Good Wings, Catfish and More</div>

Virtue Bar & Lounge opened on Oak Street nearly five years ago and remains a big attraction as a nightclub and hookah lounge. But what might go unnoticed is the food — Virtue’s owners in recent weeks opened a second location in the Clifton neighborhood, and lunch will be a focal point of the new spot.

The fare? Southern favorites like wings and fried seafood.

I hit the new Virtue location on lower Brownsboro, which until recently was home to Trifecta, specifically to try out the wings, and ended up going back the next day. For those who had patronized Trifecta, the interior of the place has been transformed into a more open space with an orange and black color scheme. A lounge with several couches sits on one side of the room, a few tables offer dining space, and a long reclaimed-wood bar fills the back of the room. Up front, there’s plenty of dance floor.

But the dancing would come later (well, not for me). I perused the menu and was hit by the many sauces and dry rubs Virtue offers for its wings: barbecue, hot barbecue, Buffalo, lemon pepper, lemon pepper Buffalo, Grippo’s — you get the idea. There’s also Accident (a blend of lemon pepper and Grippo’s, literally created by accident) and Henny, with a Hennessy Cognac-based sauce. Because I like it hot, I chose the 911 version.

“They’re real hot,” bartender Nisha warned. I was undeterred.

She was right, though. I got an order of six, and the aroma of the fiery red-orange wings immediately tickled my nostrils, preparing me ...Read more