The newly renovated Tea Station Bistro.

Harvest puts lunch on hold, extends brunch: Far as restaurants go, tis the season to be tweaking. Harvest is doing that this week by stopping its Monday to Friday lunch service, but extending brunch service from Friday to Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Dinner remains the same, Tuesday through Saturday, 5-10 p.m.

Jim McArthur, one of four partners in the farm-to-table restaurant, said “we agonized over the decision to stop lunch … but when we look at what people talk about, what writers write about, it’s our dinner, not lunch. So we decided to focus more on what people talk about.”

McArthur also said the beginning of street closures tied to the overhaul of the Kentucky International Convention Center influenced the partners’ decision. As more streets are blocked off, Harvest’s NuLu location becomes less convenient for workers in nearby downtown businesses.

“You see restaurants (in the heart of downtown) that do really well because they’re within walking distance of a lot of offices,” McArthur said. And has business lunches have changed over the past few decades to shorter, less leisurely affairs, people spend less time and money on them. “We’re not the only restaurant at this level that’s made this change. People seem to want to get in and out at lunch. We understand that.”

Yet that doesn’t mean Harvest’s lunch is gone for good. McArthur said they’ll reassess its viability once the Convention Center work is finished two years from now.

“The market changes all the time, so we’ll reconsider it down the road,” he said.

‘You’re the Wurst’ sausage party at Copper & Kings Friday: You just gotta love a German sausage pun, and this event’s full of them. Friday at 7 p.m., Copper & Kings (1121 E. Washington St.) is hosting a “You’re the Wurst” sausage-centered party. Beer by Monnik Brewing Co., cocktails by Copper & Kings, and live music from The Prost Band. Admission is $10 per person and includes one drink. Attendees must be at least 21 to come.

On the menu are these good’n’s:

Do you worst to this lineup of wursts at Copper & Kings Friday night. | Photo courtesy of Copper & Kings
Do you worst to this lineup of wursts at Copper & Kings Friday night. | Photo courtesy of Copper & Kings
  • David Hasselhasenpfeffer: rabbit and pork sausage with traditional Hasenpfeffer spices, creamy vinegar slaw and brandy currant reduction
  • The Döner Party: lamb and pork with Turkish Döner spices, tomato, lettuce and tzatziki sauce
  • Weener-Schnitzel: All beef frankfurter lightly battered with a hard pretzel crust and fried then served on a stick with sauerkraut mustard
  • Traditional Brat: Bratwurst and mustard

Vegetarian links will be available for substitution in any dish. To me, those would be the worst of the wursts.

Click here for more details.

All spiffed up, Tea Station Asian Bistro re-opens Friday: Here’s the brilliant and backbreaking way to do a restaurant renovation: Stay open for business, but overhaul the place from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. The owners of this Norton Commons gem did that over the past two weeks, and now they’re taking the wraps off on Oct. 14.

To celebrate, the restaurant will offer beer, wine, appetizer specials and special dishes Friday through Sunday. In case you’ve not been, Tea Station offers traditional Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Singapore and sushi dishes.

It’s worth nothing that given the turnover of restaurants this year, this one is practically a legend at 11 years in operation.

Eagle eyes November landing: Owners of The Eagle, a fried bird-and-beer concept from Cincy, say the restaurant will open its Highlands location in the first week of November. According to Insider Louisville, it wants to get its talons on 100 to 125 workers, which is a huge chunk of labor to scoop from an already shallow labor pool. I wish ‘em luck there.

The Eagle will land in the former El Camino spot, which before was home to Avalon, on Bardstown Road. No word yet on where El Camino will reopen in Germantown.

Food Network’s Ginormous Food Coming to Mussel & Burger Bar Oct. 21: Want to be on the ‘lectric teevee while stuffing your gob with food? You’re invited Friday, Oct. 21, to do just that at Mussel & Burger Bar in J-Town. According to a news release, seating is first come, first served, and taping will run from 5-8 p.m. When the line begins to form, we don’t know, but you can imagine it’ll happen well before 5.

According to a news release, Ginormous Food, in its first season on Food Network, “invites the audience on an adventure, highlighting the best of the biggest, most delicious dishes out there from across the country.”

MB&B partner and executive chef Fernando Martinez said he’s not at liberty to share what special item they’ll cook for the show, but said, “it’s going to be a real treat.”