When Oriental House posted the news of its reopening on social media earlier this month, it made me so happy that I wanted to “like” it twice!
“We just want to thank everybody for the patience, love, and support throughout this journey,” the owners wrote. “This will be our first time opening our dining rooms to the public since the pandemic, so please continue to stay patient with us! Takeout will still be available as well.”
This was huge for me. I’ve been a fan of Chinese cuisine since, well, most of my life. Oriental House was not only one of the city’s longest-standing Chinese spots, it was a favorite stalwart of old-style Chinese-American fare since back in the ‘60s. What’s more, under new management in 2006, it became one of the first local eateries to offer Westerners full access to an “authentic” menu in both Chinese and English.

Yes, I was a fan. I went often, and when management shut down indoor dining at the beginning of the pandemic — and stayed closed for the next two and a half years — Louisville’s Asian food options just didn’t feel the same.

So I’m celebrating, and I hope you will too, the return of Oriental House in bright, pretty, beautifully-renovated, yet utterly-familiar quarters.
Naturally I had to go. I skipped opening day to avoid the crowds, but held out for only a couple of days before rushing in. There was a good, but not-overflow crowd for lunch, and service was better than I really had any right to expect so soon in the relaunch ...Read more