Is this a story for Food & Dining Magazine? Of course it is. Beer is food, and how many Phoenix Hill patrons dined on beer in the general vicinity of the tavern’s moose head? Here’s the text: MOOSE CROSSING! The moose head from the Phoenix Hill Tavern is migrating to the Frazier History Museum! The moose-terpiece will go up next to the ear X-tacy sign and the Teddy Bear Lounge awning in our Cool Kentucky exhibition in the near future. We’re excited to preserve and present this piece of Louisville nightlife—and we’re moost grateful to Joe Kresovsky for the donation! What are your memories of Phoenix Hill? Besides, it’s a rather slow news day. Photo credit: The Frazier. Previously at F&D, Sara “The Bar Belle” Havens recalled this and other classic but now departed Louisville bars, where memories of taxidermy may or may not be real. The Bar Belle: “Two D ......Read more