Please, Sir, May I Have Smør? And A Maya Bagel Too?

Within less than a mile of each other on Poplar Level Road, two splendid new bakeries beckon the hungry pilgrim. Neither is a traditional Louisville bakery with its echoes of 19th century German immigrants, and that’s all right. 

One — Maya Bagel Express — is turning out the best Louisville-made bagels I’ve tasted yet. The other — Smør Nordic Bakeri — offers a warm sense of Scandinavian hygge to surround its Nordic treats. We found our way to both on the same day last week, and I came home with a happy carbohydrate buzz that lasted for hours.

If you go — and I recommend that you do — both places are open only for breakfast and lunch; Maya opens every day, while Smør serves every day but Sunday and Monday.

Please, Sir, May I Have Smør? And A Maya Bagel Too?
What else is traditional at a bagel shop? A simple onion bagle with a “schmear” of soft, rich cream cheese. Yum!

Maya Bagel Express

Located in a small shopping center adjacent to Norton Audubon Hospital, Maya Bagel Express is local and independent. It looks a lot like a corporate operation, though, in its ...Read more