EatDrinkTalk surged into week #8 with a plate full of news about local restaurants. We start with a sad note on the passing of Cafe Metro and Uptown Cafe owner Nancy Shepherd, a truly beloved restaurateur. Next, it was on to openings and closings, starting with the comeback of Hillbilly Tea downtown. There’s more to say about the Prospect Kroger’s ouster of the Bristol and the curious move to put Gustavo’s in its place. In Hikes Point, we note a new national pizza chain is setting up shop. The presence of a new barbecue restaurant with Nashville roots moving into an old golf clubhouse at Indian Springs, has the boys hankering to try some new brisket.

We have our favorites — Steve chose the soup dumplings at Joy Luck, while Rick’s cheesesteak sandwich from Danny Mac’s was superb. Steve’s favorite libation was a Ryemageddon from Bowling Green’s Corsair Distilling, a much better-sounding choose than the Bud Light Rick had at Waterfront Wednesday.

Our guests are great — listen as Steve talks with local chef Griffin Paulin about the plague of heroin addiction and its effect on restaurants, while Rick’s conversation with Danny Mac spotlights his gutsy decision to open a full-service pizza joint that’s “famously local” in the Mellwood Arts Center.

We’ve got plenty of great local stories at Please tell your friends about the podcast, and we’ll be back with more next week.

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