Redbud Dining Room is open in the former Eiderdown space
A brief housekeeping note, if you please: When word started going around about the new place “where Eiderdown used to be,” it was rendered as Red Bud Dining Room, but the official name of the restaurant is Redbud Dining Room. This fact is tangential to Redbud’s menu, service or outward interface with the planet. But even nominal editors like me must tend to their tags and search terms.  Now for the essentials. Redbud Dining Room, which is brought to us by the creators of New Wave Burritos and Toasty’s Tavern, is up and running at 983 Goss Ave. (502-384-1862‬). Hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.; Redbud is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Frankly, I never expected to see this on any Louisville restaurant menu. And, in closing, our preview from May. LOUtoday sez: Redbud Dining Room set to occupy the former Eiderdown The post Redbud Dining Room is open in the former Eiderdown...Read more