To be perfectly honest, today’s post is a rerun of a previous “Edibles & Potables,” occasioned in part by the nostalgia unleashed last week at “Hip Hops.” Also, the week before Christmas can be very slow in terms of food and dining news. But if you missed this one previously, enjoy. Hip Hops: Long ago and far away in Slovakia My Christmas season in 1991 was spent in the city of Košice (KOSH-it-sə) Czechoslovakia, population circa 225,000, located near the Ukraine in what is now independent Slovakia. I was teaching conversational English to doctors and nurses in Košice’s teaching hospital under the auspices of a post-Cold War program called Education for Democracy, and thanks to the abundant generosity of my students, several holiday visits to their homes were booked well in advance. Each Christmas season, ever since then, I think about the big blue plastic tubs that began apearing on street corners in the...Read more