When he walked into his Super Chefs restaurant at 1702 Bardstown Road Sunday morning, Darnell Ferguson said it looked like “a tsunami,” with water raining down the walls and onto the surfaces inside.

A year after his St. Matthews location was lost to a fire, Ferguson found himself dealing with a flooded restaurant, thanks to a pipe that he said burst upstairs in the building. It was a trying week, as he had to close on Thursday due to a “gas problem” and he wasn’t able to open Friday because the furnace was out.

Despite all the adversity, Ferguson said Super Chefs will open for breakfas2016-09-21-18-25-46t as usual on Wednesday, though he may have to eventually replace some damaged drywall and flooring.

It’s much the same story two doors down at Sapporo, which had to close when owner Mi Kim found a similar situation on Sunday morning, with water flooding the Japanese grill and sushi restaurant.

Kim said there was extensive damage to the ceiling and the tile that covers some of the wall space, and that she’s had fans running constantly for two days to get the place dry.

inside Super Chefs on Bardstown Road

Still, Kim said Sapporo will be ready for business on Wednesday.

Both Ferguson and Kim said they had business interruption insurance and would be making claims on those policies. Ferguson said the property owner, Bardcards LLC, was working with him to make the repairs.

Super Chefs opened on Bardstown Road in July for breakfast and lunch, and added a dinner service in September. See our story here.