There’s no shortage of dining and drinking news, and the EatDrinkTalk crew has found plenty to talk about. We start with the long-awaited opening of the Taj bar in Nulu, which seems to be perfectly situated for success and has a real neighborhood vibe. But we’ve also discovered other new projects that are coming — including a Vietnamese dining spot that will be a prime part of the new Butcher Block development and the second Louvino location in Middletown. We’re wishing our friend Danny Mac well in his new pizza venture in the Mellwood Arts Center.

Of course, with all the celebrities and dignitaries coming to town for the Muhammad Ali funeral, we wonder where those folks are gonna get something to eat. Plus we kick around the concept of Louvino and wonder why its success hasn’t led to a flurry on wine bars opening. Steve spent much of the week on the road, discovering dining and drinking gems in Bowling Green and Paducah. Plus, he got to sample some fine whiskey in Cox’s Creek, where he interviewed Master Distiller Brent Elliott.

Rick stopped in to see Chad Coulter at Louvino in the Highlands, discovering the secret of that concept’s success and how he evolved from pharmacist to business owner and now construction manager. Join us anytime at and send us your ideas at and

Brent Elliott, master distiller, Four Roses. | Photo by Steve Coomes
Brent Elliott, master distiller, Four Roses. | Photo by Steve Coomes
Chad Coulter