Scarlett and Ted at Talon’s Tate’s Creek Road Entrance Ted, Becky & Lauren Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly you could see into their heart? It’s a pretty incredible experience. Sharing your emotions, the most personal side of you, especially with strangers, takes courage. But for Lauren Manuel Rutherford, Marketing Director for Talon Winery in Lexington, Kentucky, it’s something that comes naturally to her, and we learned from the get-go that Talon is built on two very important things: love and family Lexington’s Front Entrance We met Lauren on a beautiful August day as the winery was opening. Located just off Tate’s Creek Road in Lexington, Talon sits on 300 acres of gorgeous farmland covered in steep and fertile vineyards, and it is also home to Lauren’s entire extended family. Greeted by a beautiful front entrance with brightly colored flowers and a quaint sidewalk, we soon made our way into Talon’s historic home. Steeped in History  Back of Talon’s Historic Home Talon’s tasting room is in a farmhouse that was built in 1790 by Kentucky’s first governor, Isaac Shelby, for his daughter as a wedding present. This 200-year-old home would undoubtedly make a fascinating novel with its rich history and multigenerational secrets. It’s even said to be haunted by a dark-haired bride seen ascending the staircase, and there have been sightings of children looking out the window. Upstairs Brick Room with three different bricks that were made onsite Lauren’s grandparents, Harriet Allen and Charlie Tackett, purchased the farm in 1998 and made combining names cool way before Brangelina. They fused their last names – Tackett and Allen – to create Talon. Though Talon was the first winery in Fayette County, Harriet and Charlie did not originally intend for the farm to be a winery. After purchasing the property at their granddaughter’s suggestion, Harriet, a lawyer, quickly decided that they would need to find a way to make money to sustain it. They made the decision to open a winery right about the time it was discovered that red wine prevents heart disease – a fortuitous decision. Talon Farm & Vineyard Harriet and Charlie were new to winemaking and received guidance from many outside sources, who assisted them in both the growing and winemaking processes. They made the first batch of wine from their grapes in 2000 and officially opened their doors for businessRead more