Tandoori Fusion has gone to the robots (to deliver food)
The Fall 2022 issue of Food & Dining Magazine (#75) is now available in all the familiar places: Louisville area eateries and food shops, newsstands and online. Go here for a preview of the features, profiles and columns, with links to the new edition at issuu.  With human beings seemingly in short supply, the food and drink industry is investing more in robots. The trick is duplicating the “human touch.” What robots can and can’t do for a restaurant, by Charlotte Hu (Popular Science) Increasingly, these robots can function without human supervision, thanks to the AI platforms that power them. What’s more, a study in Science Robotics this week found that food preparation and serving-related jobs had a comparatively higher risk of being replaced by AI-powered robots compared to other jobs related to education or healthcare, for example, based on the researchers’ method, which mapped current robot capabilities onto job requirements. Reporting at Louisville Business...Read more