We’re showing a gratitude Thanksgiving week with a great show that we lovingly call “the finest restaurant and spirits podcast ever created for Louisville restaurants and bars.” Of course, the big news story was the sale of the Lynn’s Paradise Cafe on Barret to Martin’s Bar-B-Que. As Steve notes, the four years that the property spent on the market had a detrimental effect on the sale price — which dropped from Winter’s requested $8 million to $1.5 million in the end. But what’s disappointing is that it wasn’t purchased by a local operator. Restaurateurs are facing a new challenge in that come Dec. 1, new labor laws will change, in a negative way, the bottom line for restaurant owners and employees. Listen in as we discuss the new law and its potential effect on business. Also, we’re looking forward to the opening of Lola, the new lounge located upstairs at Butchertown Grocery this week, plus a speakeasy in popular Germantown.

Steve’s guest is Scott Darnell, the executive chef as the newly announced Scene, a fast-casual spot inside the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. Learn how Darnell’s plan for the location differs from several predecessors that didn’t realize profits there. Rick sat down at Gerstle’s, which owner Eric White claims is the oldest bar in the city, to talk about the biggest party weekend of the year for local nightspots, and a special promotion from his kitchen. Gerstle’s chef Ronnie Dingman, also on the show, explains a new twist they’re doing on leftovers in a benefit for Wayside Christian Mission that’s sponsored by Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey.

Picking a favorite wasn’t easy for Steve, who enjoyed a spectacular meal at Butchertown Grocery featuring some special creations by chef Bobby Benjamin, including potato gnocchi and a grilled lamb chop his wife deemed “the best I ever had.” To go with it, he had a drink called the Scofflaw, a classic cocktail blending rye whiskey, dry vermouth, grenadine and orange bitters.

On Thursday, we’ll be giving Thanks to all of you for downloading and listening to our podcast each and every week.

Ronnie Dingman with Eric White at Gerstle’s
Scott Darnell