The 3rd Annual “A Taste for Life” at Four Pegs in Germantown (Sun., June 25)
“Don’t give in to stigma. A diagnosis does not determine who you are or what you can do!”  Anthony Bourdain’s suicide in June, 2018 came as a profound shock to his worldwide legion of fans. A year later, when Bourdain’s friends and fellow chefs Éric Ripert and José Andrés chose his birthday on June 25 as Bourdain Day, remembrances of the late chef, traveler, journalist and television personality quickly passed from the larger international stage to any number of local kitchens, farms, food trucks and juke joints where Bourdain’s enduring influence was felt most tellingly. Bourdain’s posthumous legacy may ultimately surpass that of his considerable body of work, because in the wake of his passing, consciousness about mental health issues and suicide prevention is being actively expanded. Toward this end, the third edition of A Taste for Life (2023) will take place on Spratt Street, alongside Four Pegs Smokehouse and Bar (1053 Goss Ave.),...Read more