<div>The Cure House, now “inside” Leaven Bakery & Bistro in New Albany</div>
Leaven Bakery & Bistro in New Albany. Curing is a process where foods, especially meats and fishes, are put through a technique of preservation with the help of certain ingredients such as salt, sugar, nitrites and nitrates. Through this technique, foods are preserved to have a higher shelf life that can last up to many months. Cured food items are made to stay longer by ensuring moisture is removed and this is possible with salt, which absorbs all the moisture and dries out the meat. For the uninitiated, Leaven Bakery & Bistro is located at 1515 E. Market St. in New Albany, and as the photo above reveals, the business is celebrating its second anniversary. Full disclosure compels me to note that Leaven is a very short walk from my house, and our neighborhood is delighted to have it as a gathering spot. What’s more, Leaven bakes goodies for resale at...Read more