The famous mishap in Madrid, November, 1989
This column from “On the Avenues” originally was published at NA Confidential on November 14, 2019. Kindly note that nothing came of my plan to tell the full story of my 1989 travel year, but hope indeed springs eternal.  — Earlier in 2019 you may recall my promise to regale readers with tales of my travels three decades ago, and to illustrate these stories with freshly digitized slide photos from the trip, Life got in the way and as has been my lifelong preference, I chose instead the path of least resistance — otherwise known as social media. The photos were posted at Facebook with truncated commentary, and now it’s a good news/bad news proposition. On the one hand, I failed to make time to do the writing necessary to properly spin the yarn. On the other, there’s actually an outline in place to do so. Consequently, there must be a n ......Read more