<div>The Fish House – F&D’s restaurant profile</div>
David Hilsenrad The Fish House | 1310 Winter Ave. | 502.568.2993 (This story originally appeared in the Summer 2021 print issue.) Moving to the Head of the Line Twenty-two centuries ago, when the Greek mathematician Archimedes was figuring out how to calculate the surface area and volume of cylinders and spheres, he began by postulating that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. I postulate that Archimedes never visited the Fish House/Café Beignet on a Friday night during Lent (or, in fact, many nights throughout the year), when the restaurant is packed beyond its proverbial gills. Because on those nights, the Fish House queue, no matter how straight, is the longest distance between a hungry appetite and fried perfection. The Fish House/Café Beignet line is arguably the cheeriest line in the city, a fact that may confound first-timers accustomed to the sighs and frowns that are typical in longish queues. This line is...Read more