The Fox Fest on August 13 will benefit APRON Inc.
It isn’t entirely clear why the St. Matthews Street Festival, which traditionally ran on the first Saturday in August, isn’t on the agenda for 2022. However, its Facebook page recently returned to life, and now is being given over to the first St. Matthews Potato Festival in 70 years, as apparently due to be revived on August 26. Jared Fox Matthews, owner of The Fox Den (3814 Frankfort Avenue), used to book the bands for the St. Matthews Street Fest. “The St. Matthews Street Festival was always so much fun,” Matthews says in an information release. “Every year more and more bands were hitting me up about playing that event, bringing thousands to the streets and creating commerce. Talking to the St. Matthews Chamber, I am not sure this event will ever come back. “That’s when I came up with the idea for Fox Fest.” The inaugural Fox Fest will be an outdoor parking lot...Read more