The Local Landmark Hauck’s Corner Returns: Some Thoughts On The New Menu

This summer, 110 years after Hauck’s Handy Store opened as a neighborhood grocery on a Schnitzelburg street corner – and two years after it closed following the death of owner and patriarch George Hauck at 100 — this local landmark returned as a restaurant and bar.

In 1912, you could buy a baloney sandwich on white bread at Hauck’s and get change from a dime. Today, one century and $1 million in renovations later, you can still get something like that, but they spell it “bologna” now, and it will cost you $14.95 for a thick-cut, smoked slice perched on a brioche bun with stone-ground mustard, pimento cheese, pickles and an over-easy egg. 

Hauck’s Handy Store may be best known to the wider community for its annual Dainty contest in July, a game rooted in Schnitzelburg in which people 45 and older compete at batting a small stick with a larger stick. Hauck’s Corner had its soft opening in July in order to host the dainty fun.

There was nothing particularly dainty about our food, though, and I say that in a good way. The fare at Hauck’s Corner mirrors the tradition of a Schnitzelburg corner grocery, but gently melds it with the more gentrified vibe that lights up the 21st century neighborhood. 

What’s more, the restaurant’s kitchen is actually a food truck backed into the patio with a single chef working within (at least at lunchtime), so expect hearty and casual fare but not elevated cuisine.

The bones of the old two-story house and store remain very much in view, ...Read more