The Summer 2023 issue of Food & Dining Magazine — our 20th Anniversary issue — is now available in all the familiar places: Louisville area eateries and food shops, newsstands and online. Not long ago we were compelled to pivot. The topic? Tres Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant & Bar. A final “closing” is Tres Amigos in Lyndon (9921 Ormsby Station Rd.), a restaurant that actually never opened even though we thought it had. What comes next is unknown. Restaurant Comings & Goings — Spring 2023 We’ve been tracking Tres Amigos’ journey to the former Guaca Mole for close to a year, and on more than one occasion found ourselves thrown off the scent, but thanks to a tip from reader Rich S., it can now be said that Tres Amigos is open for business. Here’s an example of what to expect, as lifted from the Tres Amigos page at Facebook. The post The long-a ......Read more