The Overlook Restaurant is NOT closing, but IS for sale
Your correspondent hasn’t ever embraced motorcycling. However, if he had a quarter for every time a friend or acquaintance recounted a motorbike outing to Indiana’s Crawford County that included lunch at the The Overlook in Leavenworth, the proceeds would fund a lifetime supply of the venerable restaurant’s chicken fried steak and onion rings. I’d have to drive a car to get there and eat, but that’s okay. It’s a beautiful drive. The Overlook probably falls just a bit outside the boundaries of our customary coverage area, but exceptions to the rule keep Jack (or for that matter, the digital editor) from becoming a dull boy. Situated an hour or so west of Louisville in sparsely populated Crawford County, The Overlook’s loyal local following has always been augmented by a stream of visitors from far and wide, befitting the eatery’s astonishingly wide reputation as a destination dining spot. The menu reads like a greatest hits collection...Read more