The Taste Bud: Getting in on the “secret” of Lola’s Fine Salsas
As a brief reminder, henceforth on most Friday mornings F&D will be linking to prolific local writer Kevin Gibson’s “The Taste Bud” column, including new posts as well as ones from the past. We’ll provide a brief snippet to whet your appetite, then you can click through to Kevin’s web site to finish reading the articles. As a preface to today’s archival selection, a quick Google search reveals that Lola’s salsas and hot sauces are not vended locally via bricks and mortar stores. However, there’s always the online shop. The Taste Bud: Lola’s Salsas, Hot Sauces Bring Big Flavor, Spice In recent years, I have tended to ignore salsa by the jar; I either get it at a restaurant or make it fresh myself. And when I do take a chance, I am usually disappointed. And then came Lola’s Fine Salsas. I was sent some samples of this previously-unknown-to-me product and was skeptical, so...Read more