The Taste Bud: Kevin Gibson revisits Spring Street Bar and Grill’s wings
As a brief reminder, henceforth on most Friday mornings F&D will be linking to prolific local writer Kevin Gibson’s “The Taste Bud” column, including new posts as well as ones from the past. We’ll provide a brief snippet to whet your appetite, then you can click through to Kevin’s web site to finish reading the articles. This week Kevin lauds the return of two Louisville icons, a bar and its wings. The Taste Bud: The Joy of Revisiting Spring Street Bar Wings When Spring Street Bar & Grill, the staple in Irish Hill, closed down during 2020, it dawned on me that I would never be able to enjoy their signature wings again. I may have been premature, thanks to the folks behind High Horse Bar. High Horse announced in July it would reopen the fun neighborhood bar that had been in business for more than three decades, and this week it commenced to...Read more