The Taste Bud: Kevin samples Peppers-R-Paradise Bourbon Barrel Aged Extreme hot sauce
Our friend and colleague Kevin Gibson recently has embarked upon a voyage (“Chasing Heat”) of hot pepper exploration, as randomly documented here. Voyeurs of a masochistic bent surely will enjoy leafing through Kevin’s exercises in pepper ingestion. As one enjoying less tolerance to pain, my passive contribution is the following link to the heat chaser’s column “The Taste Bud,” describing a fortuitous Tailspin Ale Fest meeting with Louisville native David Pennington Smith and exposure to Smith’s Peppers-R-Paradise wares. The Taste Bud: Peppers-R-Paradise Bourbon Barrel Aged Extreme Hot Sauce Brings the Flavor with Fire While I chatted with him – and my fiancee Cynthia waited ever-so-patiently – I tried a few of the sauces, such as Smokin’ Jerk Paradise (one of ......Read more