The Taste Bud: The enduringly gooey mozzarella ambiance of Angilo’s Pizza
Most Friday mornings, F&D is linking to prolific local writer Kevin Gibson’s “The Taste Bud” column, including new posts as well as ones from the past. Speaking both as a reader and the digital editor, Kevin is especially adept at “then and now,” comparing food from the memory bank to today’s plated repast. Angilo’s Pizza is one of many local fan favorites, seemingly flying under the radar, and able to do so owing to decades of patiently cultivating regular customers. In the social media era of gilt and flash, timeless values matter. They’re even better when served gooey and mozzarella-laden. The Taste Bud: A Gooey Trip Back in Time to Angilo’s Pizza Dining out was a treat when I was a kid, in part because my parents were working-class folks who couldn’t afford much more than an occasional outing. One place I remember vividly from my early youth was Angilo’s Pizza, a small eatery...Read more