Photos by Bill Brymer

It’s another exciting week of eating and drinking in one of the nation’s busiest event towns. While Carolyn is off in the from tundra of Iceland, Rick has been busy getting ready for America’s most popular drinking holiday. Actually, Halloween falls in behind St. Patrick’s and New Year’s in terms to alcohol consumption, but what’s more fun than dressing up as someone else and consuming pumpkin-spiced (or chocolate-infused) drinks.

As I learned from my guests, Saturday is chock full of ways to combine socializing with spooky, starting with an all-day shopping party at Work the Metal in Butchertown. Valerie Terry tells us why shopping is a perfect holiday adventure. Ballotin Whiskey’s Paul Tuell has concocted some special recipes, and they do involve chocolate-flavored whiskey, for the event. He’s also leading us to the St. Matthews Bar Crawl, with 11 establishments participating in the event.

Still, the biggest event coming to these parts is next week’s Equestricon, a world-class trade show being held for the second time ever Oct. 29-30, coinciding with next week’s Breeders Cup. Also, David Danielson’s takeover of the Old Stone Inn in Simpsonville becomes official when it opens for business Oct. 26. Have you noticed all the activity at 2nd and Liberty? That’s where the long-anticipated sports bar/restaurant concept Griff’s is inching its way toward an opening date.

Our friends at Fourth Street Live! aren’t missing out on the Halloween craziness. The venue’s Wicked Wonderland party on Saturday is offering up four $1,000 prizes for the best costumes. Thanks for tuning in to EatDrinkTalk.

Bill Brymer photo
Bill Brymer Photo
Bill Brymer Photo