Welcome to Nawbany, Episode 1: Let’s all fight for something, anything, whatever
The New Albany City Council’s current president is at-large councilman Jason Applegate, who on March 7 asked that “everyone keep the people of Ukraine in their thoughts as well as other people who are fighting for something right now.” As is so often the case in Nawbany, this quote speaks for itself, although exactly what is speaks differs from the speaker’s intent. In short, if you can’t define something, then something means anything. Welcome to Nawbany. Today’s cover photo depicts the daily HyperCars Drag Racing Invitational on Spring Street, sponsored by the six council representatives who see no need for traffic calming in their city. Roger has removed himself from active involvement in the local resistance movement because the retaliation isn’t worth it. But sometimes the sheer vapid inanity is too much to bear.  ...Read more