Bourbon Wall Ted’s Happy Place When Ted has a tender, juicy steak in front of him, everything and everyone else around ceases to exist.  We can be in the middle of a lively conversation he’s fully invested in, but once he experiences that first bite, I know I’ve lost him. Steak transports him to another dimension — his happy place.  And the thing he enjoys most with a steak is a good bourbon: “Every night is bourbon night,” Ted says. That’s why Ted and I just had to try Steak and Bourbon. Located in Westport Village, Steak and Bourbon is one of the many masterpieces created by the Ole Hospitality Group. It’s said that everything the group touches turns to gold, and, having experienced many of their restaurants, we certainly agree. A Dinner & Movie Experience The first thing that stood out to us during our exceptional dining experience was how the staff seemed as perfectly placed as the beautiful decor. Unique to today’s hospitality climate, there was a plethora of staff filling the room — all smiling and laughing, leaving the allure of genuine happiness in the air. It was infectious. Watching their interactions gave us the perfect “Dinner and a Movie” experience. Most noticeable was the energy of Steak and Bourbon’s assistant manager, Sherman Lewis, who has a magical way with people. We just had to know more about him, and what exactly makes this place so different from all the other restaurants in town. Ted, Becky & Sherman Sherman’s Story Sherman sat down with us and shared a little of his personal story. He grew up bouncing around overseas and then back to the States as an Air Force brat with his twin brother Herman. They were both very shy growing up and it wasn’t until graduating high school that they came out of their shells. They learned that if you want to make lifelong friends, you have to put yourself out there and meet as many people as you can — something Sherman certainly does at Steak at Bourbon. Sherman was poised and professional throughout our interview. I sensed that we were speaking with someone extraordinarily genuine and kind. He describes himself as a highly motivated individual who does not compromise his ethics. “I have a moral compass,” he said. “I will not lie, cheat, steal, or step on someone’s back to get ahead.” He attributes this sense of moral direction to his time at Wesleyan University, a Christian institution where Sherman earned both his bachelors and mastersRead more