Dreaming of being in a place where the sun’s shining, the sea is glittering and the palm trees are swaying but you’re stuck in Louisville on a dreary winter day? Heading to the cafeteria-style Cuban restaurant inside Bodega Mi Sueño in West Buechel can temporarily trick your mind into thinking you’re actually on vacation in Latin America and away from the cold. There are glass display cases full of snacks like empanadas and croquettes, plus an assortment of entrees and sandwiches. The walls are decorated with with photos of Havana, its waterfront and its streets lined with 1950s-era American muscle cars. Last time I went I went for the Cuban sandwich, which was much tastier than more expensive rivals I’ve had elsewhere in town and kept me absolutely stuffed the rest of the day; Folks opting for meat and rice entrees scooped out of the buffet basins seemed to be receiving absolutely heaping portions as well. I haven’t been to Cuba, but sitting at Bodega Mi Sueño while eating empanadas ubiquitous in Latin America did give me fond memories of trips to the Dominican Republic and Panama. But walking back outside into the strip mall parking lot and Louisville’s dreary gray winter skies, I was quickly ferried back to reality.


Editor’s Note: We’re off on vacation but we left you with some of our favorite things… a lot like Oprah, only you get to spend your own money. 

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