Organizers of The Big Table are hoping to set a new Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Potluck at Iroquois Park on Sept. 11.

The current record is held by a group in India, but Big Table organizers said this event is also aimed at fostering post-pandemic socialization.

“Its purpose is to build greater community connections,” said Jud Hendrix, co-creator of The Big Table and executive director of Interfaith Paths to Peace. “We hope The Big Table will spur a variety of other creative events, like civic dinners and talking circles that face issues head-on, to weave in the fabric of our community.”

Participants are asked to bring a dish, fruit, dessert or non-alcoholic drink to share with at least eight people. Participants are encouraged to bring a dish that represents their family or background and a recipe card. Tables, chairs, plates and utensils are provided.

Residents who can play an instrument are also invited to bring their instrument and join in a post-dinner global music jam. Pick-up music venues will be arranged along the event area.

Mayor Greg Fischer said in a statement that the event showcases Louisville’s compassionate and welcoming side.

“Louisville is a welcoming city and a compassionate city, and we are excited to continue The Big Table tradition by coming together and celebrate inclusion and diversity,” said Mayor Fischer. “Whether ...Read more